Kevin D. Miller Best Selling Award Winning Author
About the Author

Author Kevin D. MillerAward-Winning and Best-Selling author Kevin D. Miller began his writing career after learning of a dark family secret. A secret so shocking it inspired him to investigate deeper to find answers to his many questions. Kevin learned his real name is not Miller. His grandfather changed the family name in 1920 to bury a tragic family secret. A secret he took to his grave and never spoke of. Kevin's real name was revealed in several old newspaper articles from 1920 that talked about a scandalous murder mystery that occured on September 13, 1920 on his grandfather's family farm in Southington, Ohio.

Kevin's true surname is Puchalski. A name he never heard until he discovered it in the old Warren Tribune newspaper articles. After three years of research to learn why his grandfather, Stanely changed the family name, Kevin wrote a book about his story. Heart of Steel: Based on a True Story.

Writing Heart of Steel ignited a new love. A love of writing and of telling a good story. After self-publishing Heart of Steel on Amazon and B&N, Kevin decided to write his second novel. White Skies Black Mingo. A story inspired by his great, great grandparents. His great, great grandmother is Native American of the Haudenosaunee nation. His great, great grandfather a son of Irish immigrants and a Civil War veteran. The story is Historical Fiction using his ancestors as inspiration. The multi-award-winning novel was published by Headline Publishing, Inc. of West Virginia on December 1, 2020 and is available on Amazon and Headline Books.

Kevin is a resident of Arizona and currently lives in Southern California with his wife and two teenage daughters. Both girls are pursuing acting careers. Kevin and his wife have a blended family of 9 children and 21 grandchildren. When not writing, Kevin is a professional Web Developer, Background Actor and fitness buff. Kevin owns two college degrees. A B.S. in Electronics Technology and a B.S in Information Technology. Kevin is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a believer in Jesus Christ.